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E.J.'s Construction Company, LLC has performed jobs such as painting, drywall repair offices, halls, dormitories, renovating and remodeling bathrooms, locker rooms, sprinkler rooms, stairwells, and more. We've successfully completed commercial contracts for Louisiana State University, Comite Baptist Church, Faith Baptist Church and more.


Motto: Revitalizing Our Communities 


"Let us rebuild..."

- Nehemiah 2:17 (NLT)

E. J's Construction Company L.L.C. is a construction company that was born out of need and necessity more than convenience.


The 2016 Louisiana floods destroyed an estimated 146,000 homes, churches, and businesses.


As of October 2017 many of the houses, churches, and businesses that flooded in East Baton Rouge and surrounding areas are still uninhabitable or in the recovery mode. This fact prompted the birth of E. J's Construction Company L.L.C. to help people repair, renovate, and rebuild so that they could live in a safe and fit environment. 

In 2005 Hurricane Katrina devastated the Gulf Coast and the death toll was over 1800. Following Hurricane Katrina was Hurricane Rita, Hurricane Gustav, Hurricane Ike, Hurricane Ida, Hurricane Isaac, Hurricane Harvey, and Hurricane Nate. We are in a disaster state and are members of the "East Baton Rouge Long Term Recovery Committee" that provides disaster relief. We are members of the Southern Baptist Convention “Disaster Relief of Louisiana" and our owner E.J. Scott is a member of Southern Baptist Convention "Disaster Relief Louisiana Chaplain" Department. We will provide construction work and repairs for those that need it. 

EJ Construction Company, LLC provides assistance to the communities affected by disasters and individuals who need renovation assistance.

Take a look at some of our improvement projects: home and commercial








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